The best center of ICT convergence education in South Korea to train
the future talents of convergence who know no limits or boundaries

With my own imagination,
make a difference in the world!

Future industries hinge on how good you are at innovating through convergence and create a success story through start-ups and technology transfer.
The Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology is one of the representative specialized undergraduate programs for convergence in South
Korea and will conduct our education and administrations with the students firmly at the focus of our efforts. For a better future and new generations,
we hope you can become the ones who change their dreams into realize in our school.
2017.03의 연혁

Opened DTecH (Design, Technology and Humanity) Interdisciplinary Institute

2016.09의 연혁

Transferred to the College of Engineering of Design Engineering Convergence to the College of Software Convergence

2016.03의 연혁

Established the Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology, admitting 70 new students (60% from the science division and 40% from the humanities division)