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the future talents of convergence who know no limits or boundaries

Convert to an Unfamiliar but Exciting Path

In modern societies, not only the specialist who shows his/her ability in just only one field but also the integrated talent who connects knowledge from different disciplines to make new technologies are in
high demand. Especially, many industries now urgently need convergence-minded engineers who can connect other arears into the software area but there are not enough provisions. In response to this
trend, the Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology is now training global leaders who meet the need of era through the innovative education in which one can study by converging various areas
such as media, culture, design into the Computing Based Engineering.
  • 증기기관의 발명

    1st : Invention of Steam engine

  • 전기에너지 기반 대량생산

    2nd : Mass production based on electricity

  • IT 기술의 활용

    3rd : Use of IT

  • ICT 융합기술을 통한 혁신

    4th : Acceleration of innovative
    convergence and innovation through
    ICT convergence technology

    (Existing IT technology +
    production technology +
    communication technology +
    big data + cloud + robot technology...)
한양대학교 ERICA ICT 융합학부에서는 이런 인재로 성장할 수 있어요! 1.F(Imagine the Future) : 나만의 상상으로 누구도가보지 않은 새로운 미래기술 세계를 개척, 2.U(Make the Unthinkable) : 미디어, 컬처, 디자인, 소프트웨어 융복합을 통해 창의적인 서비스와 제품을 구현, 3.I(Prosper with Innovation):인문 사회 예·체능 분야를 망라한 혁신적 융복합 분야를 주도

Education philosophy for training future talents


Career Options and Employment Fields for Medial Technology Major

멀티미디어 기획 및 제작 분야 관련이미지
Multimedia planning and production
  • Video and contents product specialists
    and interactive media designerPossible Employers : MBC, KBS, SBS,
    Channel A
  • Wearable smart device contents
    developers; AR and VR contents maker
    SKONEC Entertainment, Mover, Pocket
    Memory, Nfloyd
소셜미디어 서비스 분야 관련이미지
Social media service area
  • Internet and mobile big data analysis
    expertsWisenut, Sololux, Daum Soft, Naver,
    Kakao, etc.
  • Internet, mobile, social media-based
    viral marketer, advertisement planner
    and producer, PR experts
소비자 제품 기획 및 디자인 분야 관련이미지
Consumer product planning and design area
  • Mobile device and IoT Software designer
  • Smart home appliances and smart home
    system developers
애드테크(Ad Tech) 서비스 분야 관련이미지
Ad Tech service area
  • Experts in planning, developing, and
    operating various advertisements platforms of AD agencies and online &
    mobile marketing agencies
  • Research firms for Online advertisement

Career options and employment fields for Culture Technology Major

멀티미디어 기획 및 제작 분야 관련이미지
Game planning and production
  • Game designer, game sound designer,
    and game programmer Possible employers : MBC, KBS, SBS,
  • Game development producers and
    mobile game contents developersNCsoft, CJ E&M GAMES, Nexon, Comtus,
    Smile Gate, NetMarble, etc.
음원 및 공연기획/ 제작 분야 관련이미지
Music and performance
planning and production area
  • Korean Wave contents production
    companies; performance and recoding
    planning and producersSM, JYP, YG
  • Cable and airwave broadcasting sound
    technology directors MBC, KBS, SBS, YTN, etc.
  • Organizations under KOCCA, musical
    performance planner CJ E&M
웰니스(Wellness) 서비스 분야 관련이미지
Wellness service area
  • Wellness service provider
  • Wearable smart device developerInBody, Wise Wellness, Univera,
    Medison, GTG Wellness, etc.
기타 개별 분야 관련이미지
Other area
  • Mobile contents developers, video
    contents production specialists, digital
    contents planner, e-sports experts,
    cultural planner, VR/AR contents and
    device developer, digital art
    performance planner and developer

Career Options and Employment Fields for Design Technology Major

소비자 제품기획 및 디자인분야 관련이미지
Consumer product planning and
designing area
  • Mobile device and IoT Software designerSamsung Electronics, LG Electronics'
    Mobile division, Hyundai, Kia, Mobis
  • Smart home appliances and smart home
    system developersSamsung Electronics, LG Electronics'
    Mobile division, Woongjin Coway, Fursys
소비자 제품기획 및 디자인분야 관련이미지
UI/UX specialized consulting
  • UI/UX designersPossible employers : NHN, UXlab, PXD,
    Samsung Electronics Home Appliance
    Division Samsung Design Institute, U2
    system, Amoeba, Nexon, Daum Kakao
  • Unmanned vehicle interface and drive
    environment system designersPossible employers : Hyundai-Kia
    Namyang Research Institute, Hyundai
    Mobis, Samsung Electronics and LG
    Electronics, etc.
웰니스(Wellness) 서비스 분야 관련이미지
Wellness service area
  • Wellness service provider
  • Wearable smart device developerInbody,WiseWellness,Univera,Medison,
기타 개별 분야 관련이미지
Other area
  • Electronics development engineer,
    product designers, robot interaction
    design expert, electronic medical device
    development engineer, ubiquitous
    technology expert, etc.

How do we study?

Education methods to cultivate creativity
  • Operating student-initiated, problem-based learning curricula
  • Coding-centered classes
  • Classes and subjects of which the topics are relevant to industries
Computing-based engineering convergence education and optional humanities&social studies/art&physical education
  • Engineering and computing based education in the fields of media, culture, and design
  • Secondary major program in humanities · social studies · art&phycial education based on the aptitude of the individuals
미디어 테크놀로지 전공 : SW + 미디어콘텐츠 + 미디어기술 융합, 컬처 테크놀로지 전공 : SW + 문화콘텐츠 + 예술공연기술 융합, 디자인 테크놀로지 전공 : SW + 공학 + 디자인 융합
Platforms supporting the dreams of Start-Up
  • Step-by-step start up support for students who are aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Provides One-Stop support program for start-ups including the entrepreneurial idea building, administrative processes and costs for establishing start-ups, spaces for start-ups, prototyping and investment pitching, etc.
Strengthening the capabilities of individual students in job seeking
  • Strengthen the capabilities of individual students so that they can have the highest level of competitiveness in the field of computer application, media, culture business, and design
  • Personal portfolio management
  • 1 person 1 open source SW utilization project + 1 person 2 patents + 1 person 2 competition entries + 1 person 1 software registrationSupportforoverseasinternshipandoverseasemployment

Educational environment of the Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology

Software Factory 아이콘
Software Factory
  • Provides the dedicated space for the Software Factory
    where students can develop software in a casual environment
    (Group seminar rooms, meeting rooms, private study rooms,
    lounge, and academic society offices)
최고의 실습환경 아이콘
Best Environment for Practice
  • Rental service(laptop computer and experiment equipment)
  • Establishing the cloud-based online virtualization practice system
  • Operating practical courses taught by professional developers who
    are currently working in the industry
첨단 강의실 아이콘
State-of-the-art class room
  • Wide and comfortable state-of-the-art class rooms dedicated
    to the College of Software Convergence
    (Seats arranged in tiers, large-size TV, personal laptop
    connection supported)
Knowledge Factory & Studio 아이콘
Knowledge Factory & Studio
  • Knowledge Factory space is provided to the teams with
    a promising start-up idea as a start-up incubator to assist their
    product research and development within the ERICA Campus.
강의실 이미지1강의실 이미지2강의실 이미지3

Knowledge Factory & Studio