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Rental Information(Laptop/Locker/Space)

To use our rental service, you need to make an application online.
Please read the instruction below before you submit your application.

Laptop icon
Laptop Rental
When you return the laptop, it should be bootable on
MacOS. And, the password production must be disabled.
(Non-compliance with these requirements will result in
When you make the application, please provide details
on how you plan to use the device and the expected
outcome of your using it. Making a false statement in
this process may result in revocation of the rental or
other measures.
Please return the device on or before the return date as
Also, you may be held liable for damages or loss of the
device, if such a damage or loss is attributable to your
negligence or carelessness in use.
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Locker icon
Locker Rental
A higher priority in locker assignment will apply based on
the number of people sharing a locker, that is, more
people sharing a single locker will increase the chance
of having a locker assigned.
However, failing to clear the locker of personal belongings
after expiry of the rental or keep the locker locked, such
lockers will be disposed of as the administrators see fit,
and the student who is responsible for such conducts will
be excluded from future locker assignment.
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Space icon
Space Rental
After using a rental space, you need to clear whatever
waste material there is, clean and tidy it up, and turn
off the light. If you fail to tidy up and clean the rental
space, your right to use such spaces in the future may
be limited.
If you make a reservation but other students make
complaints that you do not actually use the space, we
can adjust the time of use for the space.
Regular use by a group of people cannot exceed 10 hours
per week. Other than this time window, you can use the
space on a from-time-to-time basis.
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