The best center of ICT convergence education in South Korea to train
the future talents of convergence who know no limits or boundaries

We will show you the power that changes the dreams
into reality with a view to train future talents.

The Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology has been established to train talents of convergence who will lead the way to the 4th Industrial
Revolution based on their prowess in using software. Future industries hinge on how good you are at innovating through convergence and create a
success story through start-ups and technology transfer.

For this, the Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology provides curricula that cover basics of programing in elementary level, theories
in application fields such as media, culture, and design, debate education, student-initiated PBL practice, and field-relevant start-up education etc.
With customized career advice to our students, we help our students prepare for the future, along with extracurricular programs that will allow our
students show off their characters.

The future is in the hands of those who prepare for it. The Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology is one of the representative specialized
undergraduate programs for convergence in South Korea and will conduct our education and administrations with the students firmly at the focus
of our efforts. For a better future and new generations, we hope you can become the ones who change their dreams into reality in our school.
Jeongryong Kim, Dean, Division of Media, Culture and Design Technology
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