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컬쳐테크놀로지전공 관련사진

Introduction to Culture Technology Major

A major program designed to train planners and producers of culture, music, and art contents who can converge them with software technologies.
  • The curricula to make technological design and operation of culture technologies possible, which can be used in demand sections of the future society
  • Learning program to lead the invigoration of culture industries, including digitalization of cultural contents, use of music technologies, wellness technology, VR/VA, game technologies, and etc.
  • Software technology + convergence engineering such as HCL/human engineering + knowledges of application areas such as cultural contents/game/performance planning/wellness/VR, AR, and, etc.

→Cultivate the skills that can design high-tech culture products and services of the future

Educational Objectives of Culture Technology Major

Culture Technology Major trains practical professionals who are equipped with SW knowledge and creative cultural insights to pioneer a new territory for cultural industries. For this purpose, we teach skills to plan and realize creative culture contents and train talents who can develop the creative convergence cultural contents service to contribute to creation of future cultural technology industries.